On Wednesday Adam was invited to attend the launch of a new internet service, Family Fund Extra, which took place at the House of Commons.  In addition, Adam’s friends at the Family Fund said he could bring his family so we all got a trip down to London.  When we arrived Eleanor decided to help out with the catering (we weren’t sure if this was purely to be helpful or to ensure she was close to the parliamentary cakes) .

Eleanor the House of Commons caterer - London 25/02/09

Guest speaker at the launch was Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, and Adam was delighted that Ed remembered him from their brief meeting last year.  Only an old cynic like myself would suggest this might be the result of a thorough briefing from his aides before the event (although I suspect I wasn’t entirely alone in wondering whether Ed did actually buy all his Christmas presents at Argos).

However even I was impressed that, after his speech, Ed made time to talk to Adam (and Eleanor) and ask how he was getting on.  He’s quite a charmer for someone with a background in economics.  But then Adam is quite a charmer too and it was noticeable that people were keen to get their picture taken with him and his famous smile.  One of these was our Member of Parliament, Hugh Bayley.  See his web site: www.hughbayley.labour.co.uk

Adam’s own account of his visit has been published on the Family Fund website:
Adam’s day at the House of Commons