The Special Olympics was awesome. The opening ceremony was unbelievable. All us athletes from all over the country paraded round the stadium with thousands and thousands of people watching and cheering.

Raising the flag for Special Olympics - Leicester 25/7/2009Day 1 the opening ceremony - Leicester 25/7/2009

Then Gordon and Sarah Brown came and shook hands with some of the athletes but I didn’t get to meet them. But guess who I met on the Wednesday – Gary Lineker!! and dad took a photo of me and him together.

Adam meets Gary - Leicester 28/7/2009

The boccia venue was really good, and every time the team arrived we got cheered in by the volunteers.

All the boccia volunteers - Leicester 30/7/2009

It was at a Hindu centre, and everyone was really friendly and welcoming. After the award ceremony when I got my gold medal the centre volunteers gave us all a special memento postcard from the centre and tied a special wrist band on all of us which is a Hindu custom for their festival this week when sisters tie a thread on their brothers wrist to wish them a good future.  When the team arrived back in York none of us knew but it had been arranged for the 19 athletes and the coaches from York to parade the city centre on a open top bus it was a big surprise for us all and people in the town were cheering us.

The team are welcomed back - York 1/8/2009

It was a very special week and I am very proud of being part of the team and of course my gold medal.

Adam's team prepare for awards - Leicester 31/7/2009Adam gets gold - Leicester 31/7/2009Caroline's triumphant team - Leicester 31/7/2009

You can see more pictures from the Special Olympics on the gallery.