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Misty #3

This is Misty, the newest addition to our household.  A tiny black bundle of energy with sharp (and active) claws and teeth, she is keeping us on our toes.  I’m not sure why Eleanor chose the name Misty (my suggestion of Widdle seems much more appropriate).

Eleanor joined in the mini-beast hunt at the local Environment Centre in St Nicholas fields during National Insect week last month.  The event was directed by prize-winning poet and photographer Anneliese Emmans Dean.  See her blog for details (including a picture of Eleanor and friends looking for pond skaters): thebigbuzz.wordpress.com

Outside the Pencil Museum - Keswick 22/12/2007

When we were in Keswick a few years ago we saw that there was a pencil museum there but, regrettably, didn’t go.  It has been something we were determined to put right and, with another trip to the Lake District this December, now we have.  The Cumberland Pencil Museum is tiny but must be the most charming, friendly and entertaining one we have visited.  In addition to the history of pencil making (as you would expect) it also has: the largest pencil in the world; how secret pencils helped escaping POWs in World War II; and why soviet cosmonauts took pencils in to space.

This was the best part of our trip for Eleanor, although Adam said he preferred the alternative attraction in Keswick – Cars of the Stars.

Eleanor is five today.  To celebrate she has dressed up as a princess.

Birthday girl dresses up #3 - York 24/2/2007

She is looking forward to her birthday party tomorrow when she will be joined by lots of her friends.  If Mum and Dad survive we will let you know how it goes.

Eleanor the pirate - York 26/11/2006

Gone are the days when all that was required for a birthday party was cake, jelly and space to run around. Now parties have themes, bouncy castles, party bags and (for the seriously competitve parents) entertainers. Eleanor had lots of fun today at Theo’s pirate party. Penny made her a sword and hat so that she looked the part.

We will have to start planning now for Eleanor’s birthday in February. Eleanor says she wants her theme to be princesses (and princes). So long as we don’t have to hire a palace to hold it in.